Pets Say Hooray! For the New Natural Way

In the distance, you hear something. It sounds like a heartbeat. Fast. Faster than any heartbeat could possibly be. It gets closer. Thump, thump, thump, thump. It’s constant, beating in a rhythm of two and two. You then realize it’s not a heartbeat. It’s footsteps. They sprint toward you. Faster, louder.

You look up and see it. Four giant paws trample along the ground, tearing the grass beneath their mighty power. Eyes that stare directly into yours, unwavering. Giant fangs pronounced underneath lips that flap in the wind.

It approaches you and drops a tennis ball, drenched in drool, between your feet. You chuckle. A smile births on your face as you pet your dog on its head and proclaim what a good boy he is.

Life’s Best Friend

All of us have a best friend. A four-legged, furry friend that knows how to melt our hearts, and sneak a treat or two in while they’re at it.

They provide us an everlasting friendship in return for one little thing – to take care of them. It is our duty to ensure their mental stability and physical ability through good food, proper care, and an everlasting love. And so with such a great task, we turn to the experts in the field, our fellow pet store workers, to help us.

But with so many stores out there, who’s to say which one will provide our furry little friends with the proper care. Helping us look out for not only their health but their happiness as well.

In the summer of 1998, a woman named Vicki Potts came to this very same question when her beloved dog Wally, was diagnosed with cancer.

Say ‘No!’ to Chemicals in Pet Food

Vicki began to research everything that Wally was eating and soon realized the problem with the pet food industry – she was appalled.

“The pet food industry is a by-product industry. Anything unfit for human consumption is allowed in pet food.” Says Cheri Zachow. Back then there were no health pet food stores in Vancouver and only one on the far side of Portland. Vicki knew that had to change.

And so, Natural Pet NW was born.

Not Just a Store, A Family

Since opening twenty years ago, many pet foods are now using human grade ingredients. These new, healthier options fill the shelves of the humble store. Health products and pet safety devices line one wall, while pet beds and toys sit quietly along the other side.

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by smiling workers who are ready to help you treat your pet in the best possible way.

“Every one of us working at Natural Pet NW has had challenges with our fur kids at one time or another that led us to investigate their diet and make sure what they ate was truly healthy.” Says Cheri, manager at Natural Pet NW. She then talked about the improvements they’ve all personally seen since said changes. “I think that is what sets us apart more than anything because for us at Natural Pet NW this is not just a job, it is what we truly believe in.”

With such an eclectic supply of products and a staff committed to the health of all pets alike, it’s no wonder they’ve won Best of Clark County multiple times.

Claws and Effect

For those of us that have pets, we find it hard to imagine life without them. They make us smile and laugh. But taking care of them can become a struggle for some.

Natural Pet NW knows this, and that is why they’ve partnered with Second Chance Companions.

AniMeals is a service provided by Second Chance Companions to seniors, disabled and needy individuals in Clark County. They distribute pet food free of charge to Meals on Wheels recipients, individuals in assisted living and senior facilities, and area food banks. Helping individuals to keep their furry friends and saving their pets from an uncertain fate.

Aside from collecting donations and contributing to Second Chance Companions, Natural Pet NW is partnered with the Humane Society of SW Washington.

“We do food drives quite often for them, and our Giving Tree at Christmas has benefited them the last couple of years. We also host adoption events with them at least twice a year. Our next adoption event is July 14th.” Says Cheri.

Raise the Ruff!

As the sun sets behind the horizon and the everlasting energy of our puppies begins to fade, let’s remember their joy. As our kittens snuggle up in our laps and yawn after a long day of lounging, let’s remember the love they gift unto us. As our birds squawk and our hamsters wiggle into their beds, let’s remember the responsibility entrusted in us.

So the next time you find yourself out and about, in search of some food or goodies for your pet, be sure to stop by Natural Pet NW. Their warm embrace and genuine enthusiasm are sure to make you feel apart of their animal loving family.


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