Donuts With Dads at Gause Elementary

Gause Elementary Dads and Donuts Scott and Savanah 5th Boothsby
Gause Elementary Dads and Donuts: Scott and Savanah (5th grade) Boothsby. Photo credit: Rene Carroll

Submitted by Rene Carroll

Gause Elementary hosted the popular “Donuts with Dads” event, Thursday, March 21.  Students arrived before to school to enjoy a morning donut and read a book with their father or other special adult.

Gause Elementary Dads and Donuts Todd and Addy 1st Kessinger
Gause Elementary Dads and Donuts: Todd and Addy (1st grade) Kessinger. Photo credit: Rene Carroll

“This is our seventh annual event and students have been super excited for weeks this year,” said Gause first grade teacher and event organizer Marvina Bugajski.  “They love the chance to spend some special time with their dads.  I have talked to a few fathers who are seeing the school for the first time.”

According to Bugajski, although there were many dads in attendance, there were also a lot of grandfathers, uncles and other special adults. “Sometimes it is hard for parents to get away from work for these events, and it is nice when these students have support from other adults in their lives,” she said.

Gause father, Todd Kessinger, read “Curious George Rides a Bike” to his first-grade daughter, Addy. “I loved it,” he said.  “It was good to see so many dads here.”  An estimated 300 people crowded the cafeteria, with some dad/student pairs sitting on the floor to read.

Gause Elementary Dads and Donuts Cody and Lyndzee 1st Zimmerly
Gause Elementary Dads and Donuts: Cody and Lyndzee (1st grade) Zimmerly. Photo credit: Rene Carroll

Asked what she enjoyed most about the event, first grader Lyndzee Zimmerly put it simply, “I love being with my dad!” Cody Zimmerly sat beaming.

Another popular part of the event is a book raffle.  When a student’s number is drawn, they are invited to choose a friend and they both get to pick a new book of their own.  Books were purchased through a grant from the Washougal Schools Foundation.

The annual “Moms and Muffins” event was held on January 22.

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