Submitted by Clark County Historical Museum

Clark County Historical Society and Museum will unveil the latest plaque as part of its Historic Buildings Plaque Program at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 7, at the front entrance of the Arts Building, 1104 Main Street. Representatives from the Vancouver Clinic, Clark County Historic Preservation Commission, and CCHSM will be present for the ceremony.

The Arts Building launched the career of local architect Day Hilborn. Designed with Richard Gough, it shaped the development of Vancouver with its modernity, size, and notable tenants – including the Vancouver Clinic. Founded in 1936, Vancouver Clinic has become the largest physician-owned, independent medical group west of the Mississippi and north of California. The Arts Building was added to the Clark County Heritage Register in 2015.

“Hilborn’s buildings are illustrative of the changing landscape of architecture in Clark County throughout the 20th century,” said Brad Richardson, executive director of the CCHSM. “Hilborn designed numerous schools, banks, churches, theaters, and homes throughout the Pacific Northwest. From the Kiggins Theatre to his mid-century work for the Vancouver Housing Authority, a great deal of Clark County history has taken place in spaces designed by Hilborn. We are excited to honor this key piece of his early career.”

The CCHSM Historic Buildings Plaque Program is designed to provide interpretative plaques for buildings, structures, and/or locations, which are selected by the CCHSM and recognized on local, state, and/or national registers of historic places. With the help of community partners, the program creates an engaging way to educate the public about the rich histories of buildings throughout the Clark County area, which in turn draws tourism and creates a better sense of stewardship and community.

For more information about the event or to learn more about the Historic Buildings Plaque Program, contact the museum at 360-993-5679 or by email at

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