Submitted by Rene Carroll

What’s in a name? That is food for thought for Washougal School District students who have been challenged to submit name ideas for the district’s new Career and Technical Education (CTE) food truck.

The food truck was purchased last spring by the WSD CTE Department with the goal to create project-based learning opportunities and eventually a student-led business.  “This truck will literally be a vehicle for learning,” said Rice.  “Literally!  It is also an extension of our professional kitchen facility in the Excelsior Building at WHS.”

The contest launched February 1 and will run until February 26, giving WSD students of all ages plenty of time to get their creative juices flowing.  “We have had some really great entries so far,” said Rice. “Students are putting excellent thought around meaningful themes and describing how they came up with the name.  I am looking forward to seeing what else students have to contribute to this contest.”

Contest details are at the Washougal School District website.  Students must submit their idea using their school district email.

The learning around the food truck will reach beyond the development of the name, food plans and food service.  WHS students will participate in all aspects of the project development including business plans, learn about health department rules, navigate through local permitting and licensing, develop manuals for training and safety and even the creation of marketing and truck maintenance.

Rice hopes students participating in the name contest feel like they are a part of history in the making and can help to drive the excitement for the truck and the learning opportunities it represents.  “We expect this truck and the program to be around for a long time,” she explained. “Young students will be able to remember their part in helping find a name when they get to the high school and can begin participating in its operation.”

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