Give More 24! – A day of Boundless generosity

Find, support and celebrate local causes during this big day of giving. Give More 24! is a 24-hour online giving marathon that asks everyone who cares about southwest Washington to give from midnight to midnight on Thursday, September 23.

This year, the event benefits more than 200 nonprofits and will inspire thousands of donations from people across the region. Thanks to matching funds and prizes, every donation can even go further during Give More 24! To take your support a step further, post on social media or start a personal fundraiser to get others involved.

Last year, our community raised $2.9 million for local causes in just 24 hours. It shows that by giving what we can at the same time, we can make a BIG difference. This year, nonprofits are aiming to raise $3.2 million.

So, help them get there by giving on September 23 and encouraging others to join you. Together, our potential for impact is boundless.

How to give more for local causes:?
1. Visit choose from over 200 local nonprofits
2. Make donations of $5 or more to your favorite charities?
3. Share your support on social media to get others involved

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