Summers can be a very productive time for teens, and there is a wide range of activities available in Clark County to make the most of the break from school.

Whether your teen is looking for something to prepare them for college, tap into a hidden talent or to even get into the great outdoors, there is plenty to do to drive away boredom.

Explore some of the learning opportunities offered throughout Clark County for teens this 


Pearson Field Aviation Camp

Pearson Aviation Summer
Students at the Summer Aviation Camp get to take their hand at flying a small plane over Pearson Airfield.
Photo credit: Pearson Field Education

Teens who enjoy flying and everything aviation will enjoy this insider view of local air traffic. Not only with the students learn first hand about flight via both science-based studies, but they will also build their own radio controlled planes.

The scaled down versions of planes are only the start for the teens as they also get to take their turn at piloting a real plane over Vancouver. They will also get to explore the inner-workings of the international airport while visiting Portland International Airport.

Space is limited for the late June camp, classes open to students from 12 to 17.

College Prep at Cascadia Technical School

Clark County Skill Center
Students at Cascadia Tech can take classes for college credit or to learn occupational skills over the summer.
Photo credit: Cascadia Tech Facebook page

Students in high school can take special courses over the summer to not only prepare them for college but also start to build up college credits for transfer. They offer a wide range of courses tied to high tech careers, the medical field and a several other professional career fields.

This program is made to support both students who attend the school during the year and also those who are not able to attend full-time during the academic year.

Vancouver Parks & Recreation Sports Camps

Parks & Recreation offers a selection of camps tied to preparing teens for their chosen sports season. This includes tennis, soccer, and swimming.

These camps operate more like sports clinics where higher level skills are the focus and this type of summer workout compliments most school programs. The programs also offer a wide range of classes for teens with disabilities as well.

Clark College Hip Hop, Voice & Percussion

Clark College is hosting two different programs for teens that see music as their career path. Starting on July 18 the focus is the “Musical Ensemble” as teens learn to write their own original music, perform with a group, work on harmonies and more.

The next two sessions focus on “Hip Hop For Teens” with creative break-out sessions teaching DJ skills, songwriting, and the use of technology. Performance is also a key part of these sessions.

Metropolitan Performing Arts Academy- Harry Potter Acting Camp

Fans of Harry Potter will enjoy the chance to combine their love of the books with the stage during this week-long acting skills class. Students will get the chance to memorize lines, explore scripts and see exactly a novel translates to live theater. Teens will learn and present scenes daily, so this is also a glimpse into the reality of being a working actor.

Skilled Trades Summer Camp

I Urban Teen
The programs at iUrban Teen connect local youth with professionals in the high tech industry.
Photo credit:

This STEM + arts-based program is offered through iUrban Teen. The focus is bringing careers in the science and art field to underserved groups. They are hosting a week-long camp in July.

The group also offers a variety of mentor-type connections to match teens with professionals in the areas of cutting-edge occupations. Their partnership includes working with Washington State University Vancouver and Clark College.

Bully-Proofing and Self Defense Summer Program

Moy Martial Arts are offering a four-week long course to give teens self-defense skills and coping mechanisms to address bullying. The classes guide teens through the defensive use of martial arts, asserting their personal voice to stop bullying, and the art of setting personal boundaries.

Community Access Camp

Teens of all abilities learn to navigate the community during this hands-on course. This includes using the local bus system and other ways to get out into their surroundings. The program does require that students be mobile enough to walk short distances as they will be traveling as a group throughout Clark County.

YMCA Youth Sports Camps

Clark County Ymca Sports
Skill development and team dynamics are a huge part of summer sports with the YMCA.
Photo credit: Clark County Family YMCA Facebook page

The local YMCA offers camps to keep middle school and high school athletes in shape while building new skills. Their offerings include soccer, volleyball, basketball and martial arts. They also offer several competitive sports league each summer.

YMCA Sleep Away Camps

Living in the northwest affords teens a great deal of access to all sorts of overnight camping adventures with the YMCA. Clark County members can attend Camp Collins with activities that include horseback riding, archery, wilderness survival skills, performing arts, rope courses and mountain biking.

Camps offered through neighboring YMCA programs include Jr. Glee Camp for those who enjoy musical theater, Y Chef’s Camp, Lego Engineering Camp and Acting Camp. These are all offered at the Mouth Hood YMCA.

Medallion Art School

Teens looking to expand their artistic talents can explore a variety of creative media at this art camp. This includes exploring a wide range of techniques with paint, charcoal, watercolors, and pastels. The focus of this program is working towards finished projects to push the student skill sets and expose them to a variety of styles.

Evergreen Tennis Camp

Students taking this camp can expect an in-depth skill focus along with plenty of time to practice via competitive games. The program is fit to each player with a wide range of practice and performance goals.

Naydenov’s Gymnastics And Cheer Workshops

Cheerleaders and gymnasts alike can find all levels of skills in both camps and small group classes at this full-service learning gym. They also host weekly Teen Nights for more social gatherings. The focus is on skill development with chances to compete as desired.

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