When EC Pomeroy set foot in Clark County, the future was bright, even though he was not sure what it would hold. In 1910 he purchased 160 acres nestled in the fir trees of Lucia Valley, 8 miles outside of Battle Ground and moved there with his wife and 5 children. Pomeroy Farm in Yacolt Celebrates 100-Year Old Log Cabin in 2020, New Events PlannedToday, their story continues to live on. Shortly after their arrival, the Pomeroy family lost everything in a fire, including their home, livestock and barn. They lived in a tent on the property during their first winter there and that following spring, they began building a new house and barn. Unfortunately, those too were lost in another fire several years later. But the Pomeroy spirit was indomitable. They forged ahead and built another log home in 1920 and the beautiful farmstead that they created has stood the test of time.

Pomeroy Farm in Yelm EC Pomeroy and Wife Adelaide
EC Pomeroy and his wife, Adelaid. Photo courtesy: Pomeroy Farm Archives

Now, over a century later, the homestead continues to be maintained and inhabited by the Pomeroy descendants. Four women of the fourth generation make up the official ownership of the farm and two of them live on the property with their families. In 1989, the Pomeroy Living History Farm was founded as a non-profit organization as a way to introduce the property to the public and share its unique history. The organization currently operates under a board of directors with a small staff of primarily family members that work only part time.

When visiting the farm, guests can tour the Pomeroy’s log house and barn, see inside a working blacksmith shop, and walk among herb, vegetable gardens and pastures. School programs are offered throughout the year, typically hosting more than 2,500 school children in the fall and spring alone. They also offer an annual pumpkin patch that draws between 5,000 and 6,000 people see the pumpkin people that line the road. Further, they host weddings, teas, workshops and other events that support their ongoing mission of sharing agricultural life with people around the area.

Celebrating 100 Years

Pomeroy Farm in Yelm Historic Log Cabin River Wynn Photography
The historic Pomeroy log cabin, built in 1920, celebrates 100 years in the community this year. Photo credit: River Wynn Photography

“2020 is a significant year for us, as this marks 100 years since our historic log house was built,” shares Maura Todd, marketing and events coordinator at Pomeroy Living History Farm and fifth generation Pomeroy. “Though Pomeroy descendants lived in the house until the 1970s, we have chosen the 1920s era to focus on with our history and education programs. So, 2020 is very significant to us for that reason.”

Looking at what is to come this year, the team is excited about some new events that will be rolled out to bring more people onto the property. “We are introducing Farm Days this summer, where we will have the historic buildings and grounds open to the public on the first weekend of June, July and August,” explains Maura. “We will also be having a 100-year celebration on the 4th of July weekend and we will also be hosting our second annual Supper and Social Fundraiser Dinner and Auction in September.” Last year, that fundraising event alone brought in more than $10,000.

To keep their activities running smoothly, the staff relies a lot on volunteers that are invested in the mission of the farm.  “We’ve been blessed by a community of supportive volunteers for many years. That being said, we are always looking for more,” Maura shares.

Many of these volunteers, along with patrons that have been coming to visit the farm for years, often describe the impact that the property has had on them. “Many who have visited in their childhood are returning in their adulthood for weddings or bringing their own children to our pumpkin patch or other events. We love hearing from people that have a special relationship to the farm,” says Megan Miller, interim executive director and fifth generation Pomeroy. “Many of them feel like family and we get to know them.”

Pomeroy Farm in Yelm Family
EC Pomeroy (front center) and his two Granddaughters, Helen and Lillie (front). Wife Adelaid is behind him. Back row: Angelina Plowman (his daughter), Bill Pomeroy (his son), Charlie Plowman (married to Angelina), Viola (married to Bill) and Henrietta (his daughter). Photo courtesy: Pomeroy Farm Archives

Currently, the farm is in a transitional period and will change generational hands soon. The family is looking to grow operations over the next few years, and as a non-profit, funding is always a hurdle. Many of the events offered are free, but they always accept donations. In addition to ongoing contributions from community supporters, the organization just received two grants, one specifically for the purpose of restoring their historic blacksmith shop.

Looking ahead, the Pomeroy family is confident that the next generation of leadership will find new avenues of monetary support that will ensure the organization’s longevity. And, as 2020 unfolds, their ideas for growth will continue to develop. “We have lots of ideas and are slowing working on bringing them to life,” says Maura.

With such dedication from the family, Pomeroy Farm will hopefully be around for another 100 years.

Pomeroy Farm
20902 NE Lucia Falls Road, Yacolt


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