Rollerskating is the classic fun on wheels for people of all ages. Not only is it a great way to get exercise, but it is also a great way to socialize and be in a place that promotes community. Thanks to Couve Skate, Clark County is once again going to have a roller rink for rollerskating in Vancouver.

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Couve Skate will be a place that focuses on families and building community, offering a place for people of all ages and abilities. Photo courtesy: Couve Skate

Couve Skate is in the planning process of opening Clark County’s only rollerskating rink and the excitement is palpable. “We want to provide a positive space for the community, where we can cultivate families of all cultures, genders, and races with no prejudice,” says Sakouya Jamison, founder and owner of Couve Skate. “We want them to skate instead of hate. We are excited to provide a physical fitness activity for the whole body and mind and bring back a positive energy to roller skating again.”

The company plans to open in 2021 in a central location of Vancouver. They are currently working with a team, diligently looking for all possible locations and buildings to call home. “We haven’t found that perfect building or space yet,” Sakouya shares.

When she was 14-years-old, Sakouya worked at a rollerskating rink and fell in love with her job and the sport. In her adult years, she was involved in working with nonprofit organizations and was involved in working with youth and young adults. About 15 years ago, she had a dream of opening a fun youth center, but that was put on the back burner as other life priorities took precedence. She put her dreams on hold for a bit, then continued to further her education and build a solid life for herself and her kids.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is what has been a motivating factor in taking the leap to launch Couve Skate. Her business experience over the years, in addition to her love and ability to connect with the community and people around her is what puts her in a unique position to open a rollerskating rink in the area.

Sakouya explains that the idea of opening Couve Skate also came from hearing from so many community members that they miss this type of exercise and recreation in the Vancouver area. “Couve was taken out from the short version of Vancouver. We want people to say, ‘Let’s go hang out at the Couve,’” she says.

Couve Skate is currently in the planning phase, with the goal to open in 2021. Photo courtesy: Couve Skate

Couve Skate believes that it is important to invest in the local Clark County community and wants to make establishing connections with families one of their biggest priorities. They plan to take an active role in reaching out to families of all kinds – single parent families, families that are taking care of seniors or have loved ones with disabilities, and more. They will also focus on inviting churches, other nonprofit organizations and schools to utilize the skate space. “We will be hosting fun theme nights and events for all ages,” says Sakouya. “Couve Skate will be a place to mingle with your friends or make new ones.”

The company plans on not only offering regular public skate sessions, but also skating lessons, birthday party and event hosting, Roller Derby league programs, and special skate nights such as, 21-and-over nights, teen skates, and more. They will also provide a variety of food choices, including treats for kids and coffee for adults. There will also be options for those with food allergies.

“We are excited to provide a physical fitness activity for the whole body and mind and bring back a positive energy to roller skating again,” Sakouya shares.

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