Washington School Leaders’ Statement on Revised CDC Distancing Guidelines

Submitted by Washington Association of School Administrators

The Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA), representing school district leaders across the state of Washington, issued the following statement today in the wake of the CDC’s revised guidance on social distance requirements in schools.

“Last week’s announcement from the CDC brings us one step closer to fully reopening our schools, and we appreciate Gov. Inslee and Dr. Shah’s continued attention to this,” said Joel Aune, WASA executive director. “WASA has been urging Gov. Inslee and the Department of Health to provide flexibility on these guidelines because, as the CDC noted last week, the science suggests schools can resume in-person learning safely while moving the physical distancing requirement among students from six feet to three feet. This flexibility will enable schools to bring back most, if not all students to full-time in-person learning,” he said.

“Bringing more students back into the schoolhouse will likely be reliant upon a continuation of diligence and selfless cooperation by all of us to wear masks and follow the guidelines and requirements as set forth by DOH now, and in the future. These public health measures, coupled with increased vaccinations, will be the best way to control community spread rates, and keep our schools open,” added Aune. “Our behavior outside of school and in the community at-large will have a direct bearing on our ability to keep schools open over time. Everyone needs to do their part to take care of one another and help sustain the in-person model our students so desperately need.”

“The truth is, too many students are struggling socially, emotionally and academically right now,” he continued. “Because of classroom space limitations, providing flexibility on the six-foot distancing requirement is essential if we are to bring all students back to full-time in-person learning. We are hopeful the governor and DOH will follow the CDC’s movement on the physical distancing requirements and get our students back to in-person learning.”

About the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA)

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