Connecting with the history of Clark County can be done in a unique way with the Eastern Vancouver Paranormal Society (EVPS). EVPS was started by a husband and wife team with incredible talents that allow them to connect with spirits of those who have passed.

Eastern Vancouver Paranormal Society
Cutline EVPS has been investigating in Clark County for 2 years.
Photo credit: EVPS Facebook

Long-time Clark County resident Tiffany Loveland has felt her gift to connect with spirits since the age of 11. She has channeled the gift to communicate with family members for many years, but two short years ago she started EVPS with her husband, Jake. The team began with the couple and has expanded to a group of four investigators.

To date, the team has completed more than 35 investigations. They are well-known in the area for genuinely connecting with the afterlife. Their mission from the beginning has been to enable the loved ones of their clients to pass on a message to the living they have left behind.

Tiffany is an empath and able to see spirits. Her husband Jake can sense dangerous spirits which the team chooses not to interact with. While some organizations are known for trying to pull souls out into the open to act, Tiffany prefers to work directly with the spirits in a more natural setting. The time will not provoke spirits.

Tiffany shared the considerable range of evidence that the team has collected. This included 12,000 EVP files, still photographs and video. Their YouTube channel showcases several clips that contain direct evidence of the paranormal. It is not unusual for the team to capture orbs and even full-bodied spirits on film or video.

Eastern Vancouver Paranormal Society
An example of evidence caught on a recent investigation.
Photo credit: EVPS Facebook

Clark County is an active spot for paranormal activity due to the ties to Native American tribes in the area. While the EVPS have focused on investigating private properties, they are hoping at some point to get permission to study historical sites around that area. The area between five corners and 18th street in Vancouver seems to be unusually high when it comes to the number of reported ghost sightings.

Fort Vancouver, The Academy, Officer’s Row, and Clark County Jail are among the locations listed on their wishlist to investigate.

Beyond helping homeowners in Clark County to connect with possible spirits, the team has also been called out of the area to investigate. They have spent considerable time at historical sites in Idaho, several stops along the Oregon Trail and the Oregon Coast.

During one investigation, the team was called to a home in Battleground to help a family connect with a restless spirit. They sent a group of four to sweep the house for activity and captured photos that document spirits. A longer, overnight investigation is scheduled to follow this visit.

During another initial investigation, the team was able to capture a photo that showed two small children looking back from a television screen that was not turned on. The team is also scheduled to return to this undisclosed location to communicate with the pictured children.

The work of the team is two-fold, they work with both homeowners and those wanting to participate in an investigation. Their professional services for homeowners are done free of charge. The team is well-respected in the area and proudly shared they are the first team of investigators with be listed on Yelp.

Eastern Vancouver Paranormal Society
Jake on a recent investigation on location in Clark County.
Photo credit: EVPS Facebook

An investigation of a haunted theater in Albion, Idaho proved to the be most successful for the team. They were able to partner with the business owner to capture several spirits on film, some exciting EVP files, and orbs.

While the team uses their natural talents to connect with spirits, they also employ some high tech tools to record what they find. This includes several different types of video recorders, a spirit box, voice recorders and still cameras.

For homeowners who are seeking answers about possible activity on their property, the team can be reached via email at

The group is also very active on social media where residents of Clark County can share evidence from their investigations.

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