Creating deliciousness. That’s the core mission of Farm to Fit, a meal delivery service that’s been serving up almost-ready-to-eat meals in our region for about a decade now. Add to that the fact that Farm to Fit’s meals also focus on healthy, locally produced ingredients, menus that cater to a variety of diets, and a careful eye on calories and portion control while still leaving you feeling full and satisfied. Where do we sign up, right?

Dré Slaman and G. Scott Brown standing next to a Farm to Fit sign
When Dré Slaman and G. Scott Brown moved to the Portland area in 2010, there was no meal delivery service that fit their lifestyle and dietary needs. Why not create their own? Photo courtesy: Farm to Fit

Company cofounder G. Scott Brown says he’s had a lifelong struggle with his weight, which isn’t a great problem to have when you love good food and fine dining and have a lot of chef friends who are creating amazing meals all around you.

Brown had tried various prepared-food diet plans, but the food just didn’t taste very good. He knew he needed a healthy approach to eating that he could commit to – and love – for life. And since nothing like that seemed readily available back in 2011 in our area, Brown and his wife, Dré Slaman, decided to create that meal delivery service themselves. Farm to Fit was born, and the company is currently delivering meals throughout Clark County, the Portland area, and as far south as Salem.

Meal Delivery Service Plans Started with Calorie-Based Menus

Brown and Slaman first stuck their big toes in the proverbial water by delivering calorie-based food options including 1,200, 1,600, and 2,000 calorie menu plans. Then, responding to requests from their growing customer base, they expanded to include their Paleo, Boost Low Carb, Whole30, Diabetes Friendly, Keto, and Plant Based meal plans.

A Farm to Fit salad on an orange table
Farm to Fit’s goal is to deliver nutritious and beautiful meals that leave their customers feeling satisfied and full. Photo courtesy: Farm to Fit

“We don’t follow fad diets, but if we get 10 or 20 customers asking for meals around a certain diet we’ll definitely look into it,” says Brown. “We’re currently considering adding a Mediterranean meal plan because it’s consistently rated one of the best and most successful diets and many people are interested in it.”

Farm to Fit’s 1,200-calorie menu plan has always been the most popular, says Brown. “It’s considered our small meal plan, but with healthy, homemade ingredients we can pack each meal with robust portions. We believe eating healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to mean being hungry.”

On the other end of their calorie-based offerings, Farm to Fit’s 2,000-calorie meal plan works well for people with larger appetites, or for two people with smaller appetites to share.

Recipes and Meal Plans Are Created by Farm to Fit’s In-House Culinary Team

The company’s staff includes an executive chef and production chef who create recipes, then test and tweak them to achieve the best flavor.

two workers at the Farm to Fit warehouse packaging meals
A team of about 30 employees handle meal planning and preparation, purchasing, marketing and everything else that keeps Farm to Fit thriving. Photo courtesy: Farm to Fit

Next, the ingredients are entered into a leading nutritional software system to determine nutritional content and portion size for the different meal plans. And finally, after deliveries are made, Farm to Fit’s team reheats and tastes each menu item and evaluates how it most likely tasted when their customers reheated it at home. Each cook and team member grades the recipe and suggests tweaks for flavor and consistency.

Some of the meal plans are given special nutritional attention, says Brown. “For the Diabetes-Friendly plan, we work with a registered dietician, certified diabetes educator and a nutritionist to create meal plans with about 30 grams to 45 grams of carbohydrates per meal. Our goal is to help our customers avoid dramatic spikes or drops in their blood sugar levels, and to support healthy, stress-free diabetes management.”

The company also accommodates allergies and special requests.Need to avoid nuts and seeds, seafood, soy, or a variety of other ingredients? Steering clear of spicy foods? All you have to do is note your allergy or special request on your order form, and Farm to Fit will adjust your menu accordingly. For example, they’ll either omit or substitute the ingredients, or offer you a different dish.

Ready-to-Eat Ease and Minimal Plastic Waste Are Other Benefits of Farm to Fit Meals

person putting Farm to Fit meals in to the back of a delivery car
Farm to Fit delivers meals to about 400 clients a week. Their customer base is expanding to include mid-size companies that aren’t large enough to have their own chef. Photo courtesy: Farm to Fit

Perhaps you’ve tried some of the popular meal kit delivery services, where you get all the ingredients for the meals, with step-by-step instructions for creating your meal magic. But there’s often quite a bit of prep to do, and you end up dirtying a lot of pots and pans. Ugh! In contrast, Farm to Fit meals arrive ready to pop in a microwave or oven and serve.

Looking out for the health of the planet is another major emphasis at Farm to Fit. The company partners with rePurpose Global, CARPE India, and Denton Plastics to minimize plastic waste; they work with Ecotrust to minimize their carbon footprint; and they donate extra food to nonprofit organizations. Clients can even return their clean meal trays and Farm to Fit will recycle them at Denton Plastics.

Stop wasting time shopping, cooking and cleaning up. Let the Farm to Fit meal delivery service do that for you. It’s like having your own personal chef. To sign up, visit the Farm to Fit website.


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