Clark County’s Downtown Camas Association wants you to come out to play, explore and engage from a menu brimming with clever year-round outdoor tours. The best part is that you are invited to discover these fun-filled tours at your own pace and on your own schedule any time you are in the mood. Camas shops do not need to be open to enjoy the tours, and there is no cost to discover these gems, so come out and see for yourself. You just can’t miss in this family-friendly city named after the Camas Lily.

A historical photo of downtown Camas in 1967 looking east. The Camas Paper Mill came first and then all the shops and businesses to support the people that worked at the mill and their families were built over time to create downtown. Photo courtesy: Downtown Camas Association

“The layering of all the different activities you can do here really makes a difference,” says Carrie Schulstad, executive director for the Downtown Camas Association. “What is authentic to Camas—whether you are a local or a tourist—is what we hope will feel meaningful and relevant to you.”

The following outdoor tours in Camas are just a few of the many featured, family-friendly highlights designed to promote engagement, laughter and loads of interactive fun with the city, merchants and community.

Hidden Bronze Bird Art Tour

Nuthatch anyone? How well do you know your Northwest birds? The Hidden Bronze Bird Art Tour with varying levels of difficulty is sure to please all ages. Fourteen bronze birds created by artists Georgia Gerber, Randy Hudson and Mike Smith are tucked throughout downtown Camas, and you can find them all! This fun tour lets you stroll through the charm of downtown Camas (a fun distraction in itself) while fueling your sense of discovery, sense of art appreciation and sense of humor.

“People love this tour, and the birds are beautiful,” says Schulstad. “We have a bird on every block on Fourth Avenue, which is our Main Street, and we have birds on three adjacent streets.”

The Downtown Camas Mural Tour features an array of more than 10 murals created by local artists. This image, painted by Anna Norris in 2017, illuminates Camas Lilies, a grand tribute to the city’s namesake on the oldest commercial building in downtown Camas. Photo courtesy: Downtown Camas Association

The birds are life size and span an array that includes a woodpecker, dove, wrens, ducks, chickens, chicks, a stellar jay, crow, osprey, and an owl. Click here to download a flock map and get started. Enjoy your search!

Downtown Camas Mural Tour

Downtown Camas has an assortment of amazing murals. The featured mural tour is a fantastic way to enjoy the town while discovering just how many local artists share their talents and creative vision with the community.

“We have seen a growing appreciation, love and support for the arts in our town,” shares Schulstad spiritedly. “We want you to come to our town so we can inspire you and include you in our charm and engagement all the time.”

Schulstad sends a big thank you to Anna Norris, Maria Grazia Repetto, Hailee Parman, Allan Jeffs, Jenn Mansur, Travis London, Dennis McLean and Brianna Cloutier, the creative community spirits who shared their artistic talents to make this mural tour possible. Click here for a printable mural tour map and prepare to be inspired and have fun!

Downtown Camas Historic Walking Tour

The Downtown Camas Historical Walking Tour is a terrific way to learn about the city’s early beginnings and rich history in the area. The tour starts at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Adams Street in front of the wooden “Downtown Camas” sign that’s across the street from the city’s paper mill. After reading about the mill legacy on the Historic Mill Photo Collage (click here for the narrative), you begin your trek. To get your bearings, the side streets in downtown run alphabetically starting with Adams Street (in front of the Camas Paper Mill). For those of you who want to deep dive into the area’s history, the provided narrative allows you to “link” further into tour highlights. Historical highlights include a look at facts, prominent figures, personalities and historical trends that helped shape Camas into what it is today.

Interpretive panels line the route of the Downtown Camas Historic Walking Tour and are sure to please history buffs or anyone wanting to learn more about Camas area history and the city’s early beginnings. Photo courtesy: Downtown Camas Association

“We encourage you to walk through downtown, to enjoy the historical buildings and three interpretive panels along the route,” says Schulstad. “The historical tour ends at our library, which has a fascinating history too.”

Camas is such a wonderful place to live, be and feel connected, so remember to look west toward the mill when you visit to see what created the town and launched its story!

“We want people to create memories here,” shares Schulstad. “We encourage people to come enjoy a tour, function or signature event, and we want it to be meaningful and engaging.”

Be sure to check out the Downtown Camas Association website to learn more about events, functions, and activities, including First Fridays and the new and exciting Third Thursdays, guaranteed to spice up your day! There is also a handy Camas walking map that shows you all the offerings downtown and invites you to explore more.


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