Submitted by Clark County

The Clark County Council approved an interim ordinance to allow the sale of fireworks from noon Monday, December 27 to 11 p.m. Friday, December 31. The interim ordinance applies only to 2021.

County code allows the discharge of fireworks from 6 p.m. December 31 to 1 a.m. January 1 each year. However, current county code prohibits the sale of consumer fireworks around the New Year’s holiday. Fireworks may only be sold from June 28 to July 4 each year.

In late June 2021, the county adopted an emergency fireworks ban due to the dry conditions and high risk of fire at the time. As a result, retailers have effectively been prohibited from selling fireworks for the 2021 year and have requested the ability to sell fireworks during the New Year’s holiday time period.

“I recommend all residents be aware of when and where fireworks discharge is allowed and to use fireworks safely,” said County Fire Marshal Dan Young. “While the sale of fireworks will temporarily be permitted over the course of several days, discharge is only allowed on New Year’s Eve from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. New Year’s Day. The fine for fireworks discharge outside of those times is $500.”

Use of fireworks differs between jurisdictions. Several cities within the county allow fireworks on New Year’s Eve. However, the cities of La Center and Ridgefield do not allow fireworks discharge on December 31. The city of Vancouver has banned the use of fireworks at any time within city limits.

County residents can find out if the use of fireworks is permitted at their address using an interactive map on the County’s website. The website also includes safety tips for using fireworks and fireworks that are illegal to use in Clark County.

“I urge anyone wishing to use fireworks on New Year’s Eve to purchase them locally,” said Young. “Local retailers are inspected by the Clark County Fire Marshal’s Office while fireworks purchased outside the county may not be legal locally.”

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