Off-Leash Dog Parks in Clark County

If you are looking for a fun place to take your dog where tails are wagging with delight while bounding through open fields, consider visiting one of Clark County’s off-leash dog parks. With more than 100,000 dogs in Clark County, it is essential to have a place for dogs to run safely, socialize and exercise. Check out this list of dog parks in Clark County.


dog parks Clark-County-Ike-Memorial-Dog-Park Vancouver
Koda, Bear, Opie, and Taz enjoy a fun day and a bit of friendship at the Ike Memorial Dog Park (aka Ross). Photo courtesy: DOGPAW

Ike Memorial Park (Ross Dog Park) 


5167 NE 15th Avenue, Vancouver 


Ike Memorial Dog Park, known as the Ross Dog Park, is a large park with about 10 acres of open fields and tree-lined hills. It is located next to Bonneville Power Administration’s Ross Substation. It is one of the parks maintained by the Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington (DOGPAW). DOGPAW is a volunteer-run, local nonprofit that maintains four off-leash dog parks in Clark County. The organization also works with dog owners and the greater community to promote awareness of how vital dog parks are to our community’s quality of life for dogs and those who love them.


The welcoming park features double-gated entries, a 0.71-mile gravel and dirt trail with steep hills, small and large dog areas, benches, and a seasonal dog drinking fountain. Dog owner and Vancouver resident Marissa Lundy enjoys taking her cockapoo Pepper here. Lundy says she appreciates the areas the park has for small and large dogs. “This park is nice because it has trees and benches so you can sit down while you’re here,” she adds. 



dog parksClark-County-Dakota-Memorial-Dog-Park-Vancouver
Catch me if you can! Life is good for two playful dogs at Dakota Memorial Dog Park located at Pacific Community Park in Vancouver. Photo courtesy: DOGPAW

Dakota Memorial Dog Park (Pacific Community Park) 


1515 NE 164th Avenue, Vancouver at NE 18th Street

Entrances on 164th Avenue and 172nd Avenue


Dakota Memorial Dog Park, located within Pacific Community Park, spans eight acres of flat, open fields and gravel walking trails. Doggies and owners can enjoy double-gated entrances, one-half mile of gravel trail, a small dog area, benches, seasonal water fountains for dogs, a dog rinse-off area, on-site restrooms and shady areas. 


Kane Memorial Dog Park (Hockinson Community Meadows Park) 


10910 NE 172nd Avenue, Vancouver


Kane Memorial Dog Park is about two acres of open, rustic terrain and forested areas. To access the dog park, cross through the children’s playground and follow the paved pathway and signs. The path is 0.2 miles with a bench when you want to sit. Dogs must be leashed along this path. Additionally, the park features double-gated entry, shady areas, and drinking fountains near the children’s playground. 


dog parks Clark-County-Lucky-Memorial-Brush-Prairie
Basking in the fresh air while possibly considering their next move, two dogs rest a spell at Lucky Memorial Dog Park in Brush Prairie. Photo courtesy: DOGPAW

Lucky Memorial Dog Park


10100 NE 149th Street, Brush Prairie 


At Lucky Memorial Dog Park, you and your dog will enjoy 7.5 acres of flat, open fields with a lot of space to run, play, jump and fetch. Double-gated entries, a small dog area with a separate entrance, a one-half mile trail, benches, and a seasonal water spigot potable for dogs (not humans) are among the dog park offerings. Lucky Dog Park also features access to the Lauretta Norene Forest Preserve through the central dog park and out through the southwest gate. The Preserve has forest walking trails – all dogs must be leashed on the Preserve’s trails – and visitors to the forest preserve may not drive or walk to the Preserve on the private road next to the dog park. 


City of Ridgefield Dog Park


1035-14285 South Hillhurst Road, Ridgefield (near Great Blue Road)


The City of Ridgefield has made improvements to this spacious and friendly off-leash dog park. Dogs are sure to love running and romping within the fenced area. Amenities include water, trash cans and benches. Dogs must be licensed to run and play. 


Future Off-Leash Dog Parks in Clark County


dog parks Clark-County-Winston-and-Fiona-Kane-Memorial
Winston and Fiona pose for the camera at Kane Memorial Dog Park located at Hockinson Community Meadows Park. Photo courtesy: DOGPAW

“We’d like to open more off-leash parks, in cooperation with the County, State, and City of Vancouver and others,” says Sally Jenkins, president of DOGPAW. “With all of the new residents in the county and the number of new dogs and housing being built with little to no yards, it has become even more important that our canine neighbors have a safe place to run, bark and get tired.” Plus, explains Jenkins, exercised dogs make better neighbors.


Off-Leash Dog Park Rules


The off-leash park’s rules say dogs are required to be licensed with the County and be on a leash in parking lots. Aggressive dogs need to be removed by their owners under the rules, which also discourage bringing in small children. So, if your curiosity is piqued and you need to get Fido active, the following list of Clark County off-leash dog parks invite a fun adventure! 


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