Chocolate is one of those indulgences that just makes life better. Seriously, can you imagine a world without chocolate? Pamela and Ann Wanous of Battle Ground, Washington, make sure everyone can enjoy decadent chocolate with their locally-made Whimsy Chocolates. It all started with an aunt and a dream.

After being an orthodontic assistant for 12 years, Pamela left her career to focus on her family, including having a daughter. When her daughter was 3 months old, Pamela started to think about starting her own business.

Pamela Wanous loves bringing joy to her customers through her delicious chocolates. Photo courtesy: Pamela Wanous

Her mother-in-law, Ann, told Pamela about her step-sister, Vicki, who made incredible chocolates. A light bulb switched on for Pamela. “I thought maybe she (Vicki) would teach me how to make chocolates,” Pamela shares. “She was more than delighted to pass on all of her knowledge and a few recipes. She gave Ann and I a two-day crash course.”

Ann Wanous started the company with her daughter-in-law Pamela. Photo courtesy: Pamela Wanous

Whimsy Chocolates in Battle Ground: Humble Beginnings

That was in 2012. Since then, Ann and Pamela have run the business together. Like many start-ups, they started small. “We transformed my husband’s old bedroom into a certified facility,” Pamela shares. “It didn’t take long and we realized we needed more room! We removed a wall and combined the bedroom and a bonus room to make one long room. After a couple of years, we expanded and took the entire downstairs.”

Photo courtesy: Pamela Wanous

Whimsy Chocolates are made locally with love and passion. “We use a very high-quality chocolate that has great depth in flavor, without being too bitter,” explains Pamela. “Our chocolate is very smooth. We also have a lot of fun coming up with interesting and unique flavors like Root Beer Truffles, German Chocolate Cake Truffle, Lavender Shortbread Truffle, Key Lime Pie Meltaway.”

Their chocolates are available on the Whimsy Chocolates website and at local stores throughout SW Washington and Portland, as well as a store in Alaska and one in California! They also just opened their own storefront in the Mountain Timber Market in Kelso, right next to McMenamins.

Pamela Wanous behind a table with a display of her chocolates
Aside from online and in stores, you can find Pamela at expos and events throughout the year. It’s a great way to meet her and learn more about her chocolates! Photo courtesy: Pamela Wanous

Whimsy Chocolates continues to grow, and now the duo is working on building a new facility with room for a walk-in freezer.

Allergen-Friendly Chocolates

“I love that I can make so many people happy,” says Pamela. “Customers smile ear to ear when they eat our chocolate. That is the best feeling!”

Allowing more people to enjoy their chocolates is a big thing to Pamela and Ann. For that reason, they have a selection of dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan chocolates. When shopping online, look for Meltway truffles that say dairy-free in the descriptions! They even have a Mocha Meltaway that is dairy-free. “.Most of our chocolates are made without gluten but we use shared equipment,” Pamela shares. If you need more information to help you with your purchases, feel free to reach out the Pamela and Ann prior to ordering.

Stay up to date on seasonal and new flavors by visiting the Whimsy Chocolates website. Chocolate makes a great anytime gift and they also offer gift cards! Follow their Whimsy Chocolate Facebook page and you just might win one of their chocolate giveaways!

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