ClarkCountyTalk Writers Reflect on their Favorite Stories from 2017

As we look back on 2017, your ClarkCountyTalk team has pulled together their favorite stories from the year.  During our first six months of publishing, we have delivered 166 stories. We are anxious to share even more positive stories about Vancouver, Camas, Battle Ground, and the greater Clark County area in 2018.

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Megan Denny

I enjoyed Holly Miller’s article about Clark County’s Hollywood connections. I grew up in Clark County and never knew Sam Elliot and Willie Nelson also had roots here in America’s Vancouver.

Rene Ferran

I would have to say my favorite article was about the diabetic bicyclist. Getting to know McKenna McKee and her family was a blast and I enjoyed publicizing an athlete and a sport that does not get a lot of recognition.

Suzan Heglin

The Ohana Farms Annual Free Thanksgiving Dinner article was live for about three hours when the subject of the article, Carolyn Carpio, called me crying: someone had already read the article and contacted her promising $300 for gift cards.  It’s hard not to feel that on that day, with those simple words, we did something right.

Kristina Lotz

My favorite article this year has to be the about the Coder family raising rare Wensleydale sheep. It was so great to see members of the next generation excited about preserving farm life and heritage breeds. Plus, the Coder children were so adorable! 4-H is a great activity for every child to be part of and it was nice to highlight the positive impact it has in the lives of local kids.

Holly Miller

I enjoyed Alia Stearns article about shopping local. Making the customer realize why shopping small is beneficial to them is a good way to promote the behavior.

Elizabeth R. Rose

I’ve enjoy working with ClarkCountyTalk because it gets me out in my own community where I discover people and historical tidbits that intrigue both me and my readers. With Joe Beaudoin and Joe’s Place Farms, I found both. As I said in my article, when you talk to Joe Beaudoin, you will realize what a living treasure he and his life work have become. Whether you go to Joe’s Farm for luscious fruit from their orchards or for some of their house-made fudge, be on the lookout for Joe. You’ll enjoy a chat with him and no doubt will learn something about Vancouver history.

Ben Serna-Grey

I enjoyed Elizabeth R. Rose’s Hidden Bricks article. My parents live in an old house and I would routinely find bricks stamped with the Hidden emblem and wonder what the deal was. Fun piece.

Alia Stearns

I feel a little self-conscious picking a post that I wrote, but I take great pride in having had the opportunity to learn more about Vida’s Ark and share that with readers. As a teen mother myself, I know how important having a community is when you are raising a child. The girls this non-profit helps benefit directly, but the entire community is also bettered by this group’s work because they help create stable homes for our next generation of voters and citizens. I am honored to have done this work.

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