Students at Gause Elementary raised more than $9,300 for the American Heart Association through participation in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser on March 9.

“I think it is awesome to see our kids spending time to do things that benefit our community,” said Gause principal Renae Burson.  “They showed such a giving spirit and willingness to make a difference for others.”

Students gathered donations from parents, family and friends, and some even went to their own piggy bank to help support AHA research.  Addison Curtis, in Jocelyn Pratt’s 1st grade class, raised the most funds with $1,105.00.  Cecilia Goodling’s kindergarten class had the highest percentage of donation envelopes turned in so were rewarded with the chance to “silly string” Burson and Mark Bauer, Gause PE Teacher on May 3.

For the month of February, students practiced jump roping for 10 minutes every day in P.E.   On the day of Jump Rope for Heart students rotated through six jumping stations for five minutes each.  They jumped a total of 30 minutes by the end.

“Jump Rope for Heart is a great program that benefits a worthy cause,” said Bauer.  “Jumping rope also fits with our PE curriculum.  It improves cardiovascular and muscle endurance and helps to develop bilateral coordination.  It is also an inexpensive and fun way for kids to get exercise.”

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