Senior Living Locator in Vancouver Specializes in Helping Clark County Senior Citizens Find ‘Just Right’ Care and Housing

Sara Scheetz, owner of Senior Living Locator in Vancouver, is a pro at matching senior citizens in Clark County with the best possible care and housing options as they get older and need more assistance.

She’s a bit like a crystal ball, helping individuals and families think through the “what ifs” of future care needs so they can choose current care accordingly. Best of all, her services are free to her clients, she receives a flat placement fee from the agency or community her client ultimately selects.

Sara Scheetz standing behind a table with a cloth that says 'Senior Living Locator' on it with a drawing of an owl in a magnifying glass next to the text
Sara Scheetz, owner of Senior Living Locator, spreads the word about her services at healthcare resource fairs. Photo credit: Jodie Zelazny

Senior Living Locator Offers a Skilled Guide to the Complex World of Senior Living

“Finding care for older adults shouldn’t be complicated, but it is,” says Scheetz. “There are in-home care agencies, adult family homes, and senior communities that offer one or more care levels, such as independent living, assisted living and memory care. There are also skilled nursing/rehabilitation facilities where there is 24-hour nursing care, end-of-life hospice care, and respite care, which provides family caregivers with a short break from caregiving.”

Scheetz says one of the objectives of her initial consultation with a new client is to get to know their needs, likes and preferences. If they’re super social, for example, they may be happiest moving to a senior community that offers plenty of activities and interaction. If they like a quieter environment, they may be better suited to an adult family home. “Small things can make a big difference in whether a person will thrive in a new environment,” she says.

After the first consultation with a new client, Scheetz develops a list of likely communities to tour with the individual or family. “Many senior living placement agencies don’t accompany you on tours, but it’s an opportunity for me to gather more information about the person’s likes and needs, and to help them get their questions answered. It’s also a chance for me to stay up to date on each community in terms of cleanliness, staffing, activities and other quality measures so my recommendations are based on real-time observations.”

Search for Senior Care Near You

“Some people want to stay in their home as long as possible and only need a little assistance, like someone to help them take a shower and do their laundry a couple times a week,” says Scheetz. “I can match them with in-home care to meet those relatively few needs, an approach that will probably help them stretch their finances longer. But if they need a lot of in-home services spanning 6 to 12 hours a day, or overnight, the most appropriate and cost-effective solution may be a senior care community. I can help them explore those options too.”

Other people are ready to move out of their home right away. “They may want to get out from under the responsibility of managing a home, or they don’t want their kids to have to worry about the house and everything in it later on,” says Scheetz. “They see moving sooner rather than later as a chance to get settled in a new home, start enjoying a senior community’s activities and services, and make new friends.”

Sara Scheetz sitting at a table with papers with another woman
Meeting with community relations directors at senior communities and touring their facilities gives Sara Scheetz the ability to offer well-informed recommendations to her clients. Photo credit: Jodie Zelazny

Costs are a Big Consideration in Choosing a Senior Living Community

Scheetz is quick to point out that she’s not a financial planner. But she does know a lot about the financial ins and outs of senior care and housing in Clark County. She can provide resources if you’re seeking financial guidance, and she can also help you spot red flags as you evaluate various senior housing options.

“Once you have a thorough understanding of your finances, you’ll know how long your assets are likely to last in various care settings,” she says. “If your finances run out, you’ll probably need to rely on Medicaid to pay for your care, and not all senior communities accept Medicaid. Also, each community has its own rules, which I’m familiar with, so I can help you navigate all that and prepare for future changes in your finances or needs.”

Sara Scheetz standing next to a man in a wheelchair who is holding a a pamphlet. Sara is pointing to the pamphlet
Getting to know her clients’ personality, preferences, and hopes for the future helps Sara Scheetz find the best match for their current and future care needs. Photo credit: Jodie Zelazny

It’s Never Too Early to Consult with Senior Living Locator About Future Care Needs

Scheetz encourages individuals and families to contact Senior Living Locator long before they find themselves in a situation where they need to make a decision in a hurry.

She recalls one client who checked in with her periodically for several years. The gentleman wasn’t quite ready to move to a senior community but wanted to gather information and resources before that time arrived. When it eventually did, the man had just a few days to choose and move to an assisted living community. His proactive research, and the fact that Scheetz was already familiar with his preferences and needs, made it possible for Senior Living Locator to find him a suitable new home on very short notice.

“I love helping individuals and families find just the right in-home care or senior living community at what can be a very stressful time of life,” says Scheetz. She opened Senior Living Locator in 2018 and is also co-founder of A Caring Closet, a Clark County nonprofit that provides used durable medical equipment to seniors free of charge.

Check out Senior Living Locator’s website for details about the placement agency, Scheetz, and how to request a consultation with her.

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