Winters here in the Pacific Northwest can feel like they drag on forever. The constant grey can make you depressed. The chilling wet cold can make you want to board up your windows and not leave the comfort of your couch. But we all know we need exercise and year-round walking places in Vancouver are aplenty. We are not called the evergreen state for nothing. Thanks to an incredible array of foliage, getting out on one of our trails full of gorgeous greens may just stave off the winter blues as we wait for spring. Need a walking buddy? How about adopting one from the Humane Society for Southwest Washington or checking out the 50+ Forever Young Urbaneers walking club. Here is a list of a few spots to take winter walks in Vancouver.

Winter walks in vancouver Burnt Bridge Creek Trail Vancouver WA
Burnt Bridge Creek Trail is one of the many choices for winter walks in Vancouver. Photo courtesy: City of Vancouver

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail

Trailhead: Stewart’s Glen in the Fruit Valley Neighborhood

Although not a lot of evergreens along the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail, compared to some, the water gives you some lovely scenery as you stroll down the paved paths of this 8-mile trail. It does cross I-5 at one point, so if you are looking to truly escape into nature, this may not be the trail for you. But it is a nice, easy path with pretty scenery for winter walks in Vancouver. Restrooms are closed in winter.

Leverich Park

4400 NE Leverich Park Way, Vancouver

Leverich Park has incredibly tall evergreens boarding paved walking paths, making it a perfect place for winter walks in Vancouver. If the weather is nice, bring your discs and play a round of disc golf before or after your walk on their 12-hole course. No fees during winter months.

David Douglas Park

Winter walks in vancouver David Douglas Park
David Douglas Park has plenty of evergreens and nice paved paths for winter walks in Vancouver. Photo courtesy: City of Vancouver

1016 N. Garrison Road, Vancouver

Surrounded by evergreens, David Douglas Park is a great place for winter walks in Vancouver. It’s the largest community park, with 88-acres and lots of walking paths. There are no fees for this park, year-round, which is an added bonus.

Behrens Woods

3005 SE Bella Vista Place, Vancouver

This tiny park is just 2-acres but is heavily wooded, with many evergreens, giving you the feeling as though you have escaped into the forest, though you are still right in town. Behrens Woods has several paths that are not paved, but covered in wood-chips to reduce mud. There is no fee to use this park.

Salmon Creek Regional Park

1112 NE 117th Street, Vancouver

With 368 acres of green space, you can definitely find some evergreens here to feast your eyes upon during the winter. Salmon Creek Regional Park has 35 acres of developed park with paved paths for you to enjoy. You can also access the Salmon Creek Greenway and Trail from here, which is a 3-mile long paved trail that has plenty of beautiful nature for you to drink in, even in winter.

Columbia River Renaissance Trail

Winter walks in vancouver Columbia River Renaissance Trail
If you want to take winter walks in Vancouver while doing some shopping or grabbing a bite, take the Columbia River Renaissance Trail. Photo courtesy: City of Vancouver

115 Columbia Way, Vancouver

If you are looking for a fun downtown trail, the 5-mile Columbia River Renaissance Trail is a good choice. Not a lot of evergreens, but the Columbia River, Mount Hood, and the I-5 Bridges make for some pretty pictures, even with grey skies. The trail connects Wintler Community Park and Esther Short Park, so you can park at either to access. The nice thing about this trail is you can stop and have a bite to eat, shop or check out the famous Old Apple Tree.

Esther Short Park

W 8th Street and Columbia, Vancouver

A small park in the heart of Vancouver, Esther Short Park is just 5-acres. It’s ideal for those looking for a short walk in the city, with a few evergreens for interest. The square is a great place to go on a rare sunny winter day. There is plenty of history and activities in the park to keep interested parties occupied for a bit as well. No fees during winter months.

Wintler Community Park

Winter walks in vancouver Wintler Park 3
The water can be a beautiful spot, even in winter. Check out Wintler Community Park for stroll by the river. Photo courtesy: City of Vancouver

6400 Beach Drive, Vancouver

If you would like to walk near the water, Wintler Community Park is a good choice. It’s the only city-owned park that has water access. Although it’s not completely wooded, there are some evergreens along the paved path to let you soak up some green during your winter walks in Vancouver. On clear days, see snow-capped Mount Hood. Restrooms are closed during the winter, however and this park does have fees in the winter months.

Fort Vancouver

Visitor Center: 1501 E Evergreen Boulevard, Vancouver

Fort Vancouver is a great place for a winter walk in Vancouver! The historical buildings jutting into the grey sky are sure to make you forget your blues, and the place is a lot less crowded during the off season, making it a great time to visit. The park grounds are always open, but be aware that some buildings close during the winter. It’s always best to check the Fort Vancouver website before heading out.

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