PC Rescue Wiz delivers reliable, affordable, and quality computer services and repair in Vancouver

Gone are the days of computer anxiety thanks to PC Rescue Wiz, a locally owned and operated business that focuses on computer services and repair in Vancouver. An exceptional level of customer service combined with reliable, efficient, affordable and quality repair is getting this company noticed.

PC Rescue Wiz Computer Repair Vancouver Taps and Amanda Chitembure
Taps and Amanda Chitembure, owners of PC Rescue Wiz in Vancouver, believe in living your best life and following your dreams. To this pair, anything is possible with hard work, a positive mindset, and the willingness to creatively overcome any perceived or real challenges. Photo courtesy: Taps and Amanda Chitembure

It wasn’t always this way. Like any successful business, it all started with a vision and the willingness to work hard. “I wanted to build a solid, honest business without taking any shortcuts,” says owner Tapiwa (Taps) Chitembure. Taps runs PC Rescue Wiz with his wife and business partner, Amanda. “My main focus is to take care of people, and if you do good work, you will be rewarded.”

Taps’s passion for computers and enthusiasm for his growing business is fueled by his many satisfied customers. PC Rescue Wiz is within 10 miles of Camas, Battle Ground, Brush Prairie and Ridgefield, making it a convenient stop for anyone in Clark County. Services include custom built computers, laptop repair, virus detection and removal, file recovery, hard drive diagnostics and replacement, computer startup problems, blue screens, web design and more. “Gradually we built the business one customer at a time – one brick at a time – making sure you are putting your best work and foot forward,” says Taps.

Leap of Faith

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Taps says he had a strong pull to come to the United States when he was a boy. When he finally made the trek to Los Angeles when he was 25-years-old, it was during a time when things were unsettling and bleak in Zimbabwe. “There were no opportunities,” says Taps. “You couldn’t pursue your dreams there based on what was happening.”

Taps moved again to Vancouver in 2006 to live closer to his aunt. He says he didn’t have much of anything at the time. “Everything was a leap of faith pretty much,” he shares, “but I was willing to work hard when I came here.”

As fate would have it, Taps landed a job at RS Medical in Vancouver. It would be here that Taps would meet Amanda. “It was one of those things that felt right – it was just meant to be,” says Amanda, who is currently earning her business degree.

Economic Downturn

PC Rescue Wiz Computer Repair Vancouver graphics
PC Rescue Wiz works on many computer brands, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, MSI, Acer, Toshiba and more. Expect quality, consistent, and reliable results at an affordable price. Photo credit: Tapiwa Chitembure

When the 2008 recession hit, employees at RS Medical were being let go in waves. Good at fixing things, Taps decided to leave RS Medical and move to Indianapolis to receive in-house computer repair training at a friend’s business. He took Amanda with him.

The couple came back to Vancouver in November 2011 after Amanda’s grandmother passed away. They were married that December. Now with computer training in tow, Taps considered his options. “I really didn’t know where to start, but I knew I could fix computers,” he shares.

Taps decided to build a website, offer his computer services, and see where it could lead. “There were challenges, and you really have to stay positive,” says Amanda.

It wasn’t long before the Chitembures started getting responses to their website. This would mark the start of PC Rescue Wiz. The biggest barrier to the new business was the perception of running a computer service company from home. But that didn’t stop Taps from staying the course. “I was doing my level best,” he shares. “I gave it my all, and I knew I had the skills to fix computers even though I was working from home.”

Genuine Heart and Perseverance

Taps’s kindness, hard work, attention to detail, and consistent track record of delivering desired results and top-notch customer service speaks for itself. He never gave up. And now he enjoys operating and continuing to grow his business in its own location. He is dedicated to continual learning about computers, best practices, customer needs, and industry standards and trends. Feedback is always welcome too, as it serves to help create even better products and services.

PC Rescue Wiz Computer Repair Vancouver 1
PC Rescue Wiz brings years of experience delivering excellent customer service and affordable reliable results on a wide array of software and hardware computer repair problems and service needs. Photo credit: Tapiwa Chitembure

“I am grateful for the opportunity to prove we can get the job done,” says Taps. “We are really grateful for the people in our community who use our computer services, because those are the people who helped us to build our business.”

Living your best life

Taps believes pursuing your dreams and goals promotes happiness. And no challenge is too big with vision and reflection. Taps is also an author. His work including “Secrets to the Art of Persistence: A basic guide to achieving your goals” and others, share success principles and ways to move towards your dreams and goals.

“It’s important to be genuine,” says Amanda. “In a successful business you care about what you are doing. Taps is really passionate about it.”

PC Rescue Wiz
12000 NE 95th St., Suite 504, Vancouver

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