In banking, strong future growth comes from being a visible cornerstone within the community. Though you may not have known it, Bank of the Pacific has had a commercial lending and mortgage office in Vancouver, Washington, for 11 years. As of November 6, 2023, they’ve rolled that into a new full-service location at 400 East Mill Plain Boulevard Suite 100, with easy access and sightlines to I-5, the Vancouver waterfront and beyond.

Full-Service Banking That’s Easy to See at Bank of the Pacific

Stacey Reid, senior vice president and commercial banking team leader, says Bank of the Pacific’s former Vancouver office felt hidden. When the team would make an appearance at public events and activities, many residents and business owners didn’t even know there was a local branch. The new suite, which will be visible from I-5 and other key exchanges, is easy to see, use and visit.

Stacey Reid headshot
Stacey Reid, senior vice president and commercial banking team leader, is herself a Clark County native and loves serving her friends, family and neighbors. Photo courtesy: Bank of the Pacific

More than just a brand awareness bump, Bank of the Pacific will use the new branch to expand their brand of financial services in the area. They will offer commercial and mortgage solutions as before, but include retail banking, checking and savings options, and a high-tech Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). In-person customer service is on-site for help with over the counter deposits, wire transfers, navigating the ITM experience, and answering questions about products and options.

Walker Evans, Chief Lending Officer, is excited about this new footprint. “As people encounter us, they learn that we have sophistication in underwriting and consultation as found in very large banks, but with service and customer experience found in smaller organizations,” says Evans. “For more than 50 years, we have operated by a set of values that are part of our culture that, together, attracts some of the best talent in the industry and incorporates ideas from all levels of the organization. Our mission is why we do what we do. Our values are how we do it. We mean it, and this manifests in objective benefits for customers.”

Bank of the Pacific brick building in Vancouver
The new Vancouver location offers easy access and full visibility from I-5 and the scenic waterfront region. Stop by and say, ‘Hi,’ when doors open in early November 2023. Photo courtesy: Bank of the Pacific

The Warmth of a Neighborhood Bank with the Experience and Know-How of a National Chain

Working in Vancouver for more than a decade, and staffed by locals who call the region home, Bank of the Pacific cares deeply about what makes this city successful. “This is where we’re from for many of us,” says Reid, “and we want customers to know that help is always reachable. You’re not just calling an 800 number, you’re speaking to an actual person in the area that is familiar with the neighborhoods, local businesses and history.”

Many staff have been in the industry for years and they bring a wealth of experience to their jobs. “People join our team for the services we offer,” says Reid, “and the ability to work with all client types and sizes.” Reid, a Clark County native, has been with Bank of the Pacific for three years and in the financial industry since 1996. “It’s important to work with business clients in my hometown,” she says, “Bank of the Pacific is small and nimble but offers all the same services others do, and we can do it in person, with someone who knows you, your business and your town.”

On the home loans side, the bank’s mortgage lending team as more than 100 years combined experience in the industry, and thrives on working one-on-one with clients. They know many factors drive home purchases and that, like families, no two are the same. Whatever your needs, whether it’s a purchase or a construction loan, Bank of the Pacific is happy to help.

The new location has expanded its staff to 15 so far, but they’ll be hiring additional people in the future as things settle and grow. If you’re looking for a career in banking, visit the bank’s careers page for updates and job postings.

Bank of the Pacific is moving and expanding their Vancouver Washington location to become a full-service branch. Photo courtesy: Bank of the Pacific

Local History + Local Bank + Local Team = Vancouver Wins

“Because we’ve been in the community,” says Reid, “we’re here not just to help but to strategize with our clients. Our experienced local team – many with 20 years or more experience – are all here for you whatever you need.”

Evans agrees wholeheartedly. “We are proud to be part of the Clark County community and are grateful to our customers who made the development of the new location possible. For those of you who bank with us: ‘Thank you.’ For those of you who do not yet, we look forward to meeting you and discovering how we can help.”

There will be a celebration and ribbon cutting with the Vancouver Chamber in January 2024 to say hello to new and existing Bank of the Pacific members. Swing by to meet the staff and ask questions or read up on their checking, savings, merchant services, commercial loans and home loan specialists online first. The entire team is happy to talk through your financial needs, goals, planning and steps to building a secure future. Visit today or stop by to get started and learn more about this truly committed community bank.


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