5 Places to Cool Off around Clark County

swimming clark county
Paddle boats are included with admission at Alderbrook Park. Photo credit: Michelle Bader

The summer weather is finally here! Kids are out of school and looking for ways to spend their time and more importantly cool off. Luckily, those of us who live in Clark County are surrounded by many water filled places to refresh ourselves. Each excursion is an adventure for my family and throughout the years we have found amazing places to get out and beat the heat.

Alderbrook Park

alderbrook park
Kids love catching salamanders in the pond at Alderbrook Park. Photo courtesy: Michelle Bader

One of our all-time favorites and a must for every summer is the picturesque Alderbrook Park, located in Hockinson, within Brush Prairie. Yes, this is a drive for most of us in Clark County, but I am sure you will find it is worth every mile traveled. As you enter the park you view a clearing of a beautiful field surrounded by dense woods. You are greeted by an area to play mini-golf as well as a small train that takes kids around the field. Wander a little further and you will stumble upon not only a pirate ship but a maze as well. The swimming pool is further down the path, in the center of the park. This pool is separated into two areas, a shallow wading area for the toddlers and babies and a deep area for the older kids. When you get tired of swimming you can go across the trail to the salamander filled pond. My kid’s favorite thing to do is put on a life jacket, get in the paddle boats and try to catch salamanders. Admission is $10 for adults and $6 for children 6-14, kids 3 and under are free. Check Alderbrook Park’s website to confirm the days open to the public.

Klineline Park

klineline park
Kids enjoy the sprayground at Klineline Park. Photo courtesy: Michelle Bader

Klineline Park has 3 great attractions. The first one is the splash pad. My kids stay busy for hours standing under buckets waiting to get water poured over their heads. In addition, my kids love playing on the adjoining playground. The main attraction is Klineline Pond. We enjoy swimming and building sand castles on the shore. There are lifeguards on duty from the end of June – Sept.  It is only $3 per car for admission.

Kiwanis Park

For something a little different my kids and I pack up and head to Kiwanis Park in Battle Ground. We love this park as it has a playground and one of the largest spray grounds in the area. Water shoots up from the ground as children are excitedly running through. We pack a picnic lunch and sit on the grass to eat it in between their adventures in the spray ground. It is like playing in a giant sprinkler. Make sure your kids wear sandals or water shoes as the cement can get hot and burn their feet. Admission to the park is free.

Lewisville Park

lewisville park
The picturesque river flows through Lewisville Park. Photo courtesy: Michelle Bader

When we want to wander a little farther into nature we head to Lewisville Park in Battle Ground. This again is a far drive, but we love what lies ahead. This park is Clark County’s oldest park and filled with many amenities. It is also the largest park in Battle Ground. There are horseshoe pits, basketball courts, baseball fields, boat launches, playgrounds and more. Our favorite thing to do is find a place to swim in the river. There are many different places to enter the river, several different sections of the park lead to these. Take some time to drive through and find your favorite area. My kids spend hours here with their cousins jumping off rocks, exploring the beach and more. Please be aware there are no lifeguards so know your children’s swimming abilities. Cost is $3 per car to enter the park.

Esther Short Park

Esther Short Park is in the heart of downtown Vancouver and a central location for many activities. The park is the oldest public square in the state of Washington. There is a great playground, but my kid’s favorite activity is playing in the water feature. It is a fountain that resembles a stream. Kids can wander up and down it and get cooled off by the refreshing flow of water. The atmosphere is lively and full of fun.

As you can see there are plenty of places to cool off with your family in Clark County. No matter what part of the county you live in and where you choose to visit, you are sure to find some place that appeals to you and your family, now get out and enjoy.

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