Chris Read’s passion for an all-natural world runs deep into the roots of his business, Arnada Naturals. “I live in the neighborhood and opened the store I would want to have here, applying the quality standards I embraced while working as a supplement buyer and nutrition manager for Whole Foods during the 90s,” he says.

Arnada Naturals
Chris Read is standing in front of some of the Kombutcha station’s sporting a co2 cartridge and one of the growlers they have available in the stores. Photo credit: Holly Miller

Arnada Naturals opened in 2010, as an all-natural health foods and supplement store located in Uptown Village in Downtown Vancouver. “We carry local artisan kombucha on tap, quality vitamin and herb supplements, local handmade soap/body care, gluten free grocery items (including raw, sprouted grab and go lunches), organic wine and more,” says Read.

One of his best selling products is kombucha, which is a carbonated and fermented drink that is packed with antioxidants and probiotics. Many customers at Arnada Naturals purchase kombucha for digestive issues. “It’s a refreshing and delicious alternative to coffee, alcohol and especially soda since a lot of soda consists of high fructose corn syrup,” explains Read. Some popular local brands of kombucha that Read carries at Arnada Naturals are Happy Mountain, Lion Heart, Oregonic Tonic, Soma and more. Each brand carries a large variety of flavors to please tastebuds of all shapes and sizes.

Read loves exploring the naturopathic world and invites others to do their own research into Eastern Medicine and unconventional healthy choices. He also encourages people to not fall in love with what is trendy, but what is healthy. Dietary mindfulness is another thing that Read is deeply passionate about. “I would (encourage people to) investigate The Blood Type Diet theories of Dr. D’Adamo when moving toward dietary mindfulness as opposed to jumping on trendy bandwagons that include eating like a caveman or attempting to starve away their fat stores. Nutrition is not one size fits all and awareness of dietary needs based on what resonates as true with each individual discovered in books like Eat Right for Your Blood Type is a deeper approach.”

Arnada Naturals
Supplements, vitamins and herbs- oh my!
Photo credit: Holly Miller

Read also has a favorite product that he sells. “Adaptogens like Ashwagandha because they are a perfect balance for the artificial stress created by our materialism-dominated society.” He thinks about the deeper meaning of the products he sells, and models his business in a way where he also provides a service by using his own experiences to educate, inform, and help his customers. He brings a personal touch and a friendly face to the world of natural health stores, and is emotionally invested in the satisfaction of his customers.

The future looks bright for stores like Arnada Naturals. Small businesses are using social media platforms to gain popularity and readjust their target marketing. It is a good way to both get the word out not only of the products they sell, but the kind of services they offer to both their customers and the community. “In five years, we will be 13. Provided there is a neighborhood renaissance of appreciation for locally owned small businesses, I see us continuing to provide our neighbors with delicious fermented foods like kombucha and other drinks that may come into prominence in the next decade (possibly Kvass or some other beverage which has yet to become popular).”

“I see an increasing popularity of more experience-based shopping (where there is something special about the environment and/or service) over standardized, cold, generic setting,” explains Read. In addition to a promising future for Arnada Naturals, Read also hopes to launch a locally produced brand of kombucha in the future.

Check out Arnada Naturals on Facebook for an update on products, discounts, and services.

Arnada Naturals
2407 Main Street in Vancouver
Open Monday – Friday from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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