Battle Ground Financial Advisor Lori Ruiz Radiates a Positive Vibe

Stereotypes are defied every single day, take a friendly female financial advisor for example. She makes this industry friendly and fun. This isn’t because she’s Latina and it isn’t because she’s a woman, it’s because she is Lori Ruiz. She is a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Battle Ground and she is the only woman among six advisors.

Battle Ground is a rapidly growing community that Lori loves being a part of and gives back often. This year, she is planning on putting together a Relay for Life team in Battle Ground.

Edward Jones Lori Ruiz Battle Ground
Lori’s Grandfather with her children. He is a full Salvadoran and always pushed her to reach farther than the things she wants in life. Photo credit: Lori Ruiz

She also loves being a financial advisor and hopes to do it the rest of her life. It is a career that goes beyond crunching numbers because she gets the privilege of seeing people’s wildest dreams come true along the way. “I became a financial advisor to impact people’s lives in a positive way,” says Lori. “I wanted to partner with the members of my community to help them reach their goals. It allows me to help people realize their dreams. My job includes getting out into the community and meeting new people. I love being able to introduce myself in hopes of finding someone that can benefit from my help.”

She believes in saving, investing and applying it to everyone out there. She takes her clients’ finances and lifestyles very serious, while being personable and friendly. She is also bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. She is a proud El Salvadorian and is a first generation American.

What makes her approach so personable? Advising isn’t just a job to her, she wants to make a difference in her clients’ lives. “I feel like a hero anytime I can make a difference in someone’s life,” Lori says. “I can’t express the joy I feel anytime I help someone build a plan to help them prepare for some of the biggest financial moments. Whether it’s sending their children to college, planning for retirement, living in retirement and everything in between.”

In addition, the bond she establishes with her clients is gold to her. “Anytime I can put a plan together to reach their goals, implement it and show them progress would be considered success,” she continues. “I also consider it a success getting to know a person/family beyond their financial goals. I pride myself on building relationships that will last a lifetime. I want to know what’s important to my clients because I know what I consider most important are my children and I make a lot of choices based on them. I believe having those personalized relationships lead to better plans being implemented.” It is this that sets her above and beyond many financial advisors. She puts her caring nature into her job and feels privileged to make new friends along the way.

Edward Jones Lori Ruiz Battle Ground
Lori Ruiz with her children. They are her motivation in everything she does. Photo courtesy: Lori Ruiz

Her children are her motivation. She wants to make sure they grow up and make an impact in the same way she does on her community. “My three children are my daily motivation,” Lori shares. “I do everything for them in hopes that they will grow up to serve others as well. I want them to impact the people around them in ways that many don’t. My plan is to be an advisor till I’m gray and old and my dreams are to see my children become advisors and impact their communities in a positive manner.”

So let’s say you have never saved money before and do not know where to start. Her advice for the general public is a great stepping stool for starting to control your finances. In addition to setting a budget for daily living, Lori has this advice. “Put money away as soon as you get your tax return” she says. “I also like the idea of putting away 10 for every birthday in your family. An example would be when your child turns 12 you deposit $120.

“Keep in mind your long term financial goals. Do you want to retire with the security of living the life you want? Do you want to send your kids to college? Do you want to plan a big international trip? Motivating yourself by setting goals is a stellar start to a financially stable future.”

When you are ready to consult somebody about investing so your saved money builds interest, Lori suggests that you find the right person to help. “Find an advisor you can connect with on a personal level,” she says. “An advisor should be someone that knows about more than just your finances.”

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