ClarkCountyTalk’s Most-Read Stories in October

October marks pumpkin patches, fall leaves falling and a shift fully into school mode.  Throughout the month, ClarkCountyTalk’s positive stories about people, businesses and organizations in greater Vancouver have been popular.  Here are our top three most read stories in the month, along with our Editor’s Pick.

1. Pondo’s Legacy: Beloved Deli Owner Lives on Through Vancouver Man

Phil Gorski and his wife Kelly on a trip to Hawaii in October 2017. Phil received a liver donated by Pondo Kosmas on Valentine’s Day, 2016. Photo credit: Phil Gorski

This story highlights how a series of potentially small moments can actually be life-changing events.  Rodger O’Connor tells the story of a local man, living on in his organ donation.

2. When the Doctor Becomes a Patient – PeaceHealth’s Cardiovascular Team Treats Dr. Gary Penner

Dr. Gary Penner credits PeaceHealth’s Dr. Shaun Ageno for helping him return to his hobbies which include growing maritime climate grapes in Longview. Photo courtesy: PeaceHealth

Dr. Gary Penner, a longtime physician in Longview, opens up about his cardiovascular care at PeaceHealth.

3. Ridgefield High School’s Kyle Radosevich Running to His Future

For his first two years of high school, Kyle Radosevich ran cross country in the fall and returned to the soccer pitch soon after. This year, however, running won out.

4. Editor’s Pick: Sara Scheetz: A Big Life as a Runner, Business Owner, and Philanthropist

Sara Scheetz looks good in a recent race. Photo courtesy: Sara Scheetz

In 2015, Sara Scheetz weighed 380 pounds and made a decision to run a 5k every month. Now she has run half-marathons and triathlons all while running a business, non-profit organization, and being a mom.

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